A king’s arrival is never silent

A king’s arrival is never silent

A summary of: Chris Colfer (insp.)

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  • Ryan Murphy and the whole Writers Room 
  • Chris Colfer and Darren Criss

I am fully aware that you will probably never read all of this, but this is tumblr, this is my blog so I’m entitled to say whatever I want as long as I am an educated person. 
I would love, though, to have an answer to all of this that is going to come next: 

I haven’t been a Gleek since day 1, actually, I probably can’t even be called a Gleek. A Klainer yes, that for sure I am. Before being a Klainer though, I was a Kurt Hummel’s fan. I have always loved him and always will. And before being a Klainer, I was a Blaine Anderson’s fan too. Yeah, this is the way I see it: you can’t be a Klainer if you are not a Kurt and Blaine fan as individuals.

While the show progressed, it was more and more clear that it wasn’t really right to call it Glee, but it would have been more appropriate to call it "The Rachel Berry Show" considered that EVERYTHING gravitated around her. God, even the whole Kurt’s election drama in season 3 was related to Rachel Berry. But somehow we’ve managed to accept it and go along with it as long as we had some Klaine even if just in the background (and I mean it in the literal sense of the word); this is the FIRST thank you to Chris Colfer and Darren Criss: the background moments.

I honestly don’t remember Klaine having that much of a story line in season 3 except for “The first time”  and “I wanna dance with somebody”, and of course in both episodes there was some anger involved and in both episodes there was a third person as a cause of said anger. Interesting.

As soon as Season 4 approached (and ratings started to go down), to most of us it looked like Glee became a sort of big AU where everyone did whatever they wanted. Of course there was need for some anger, and why don’t make AGAIN a third person being not only the cause of said anger, but even the cause of a break up? Let’s do it! This is why, even if in different ways, three couples of the show were split up: CHEATING.

Now the interesting thing is: while a break up for Finchel was quite expected, it wasn’t expected for Brittana nor Klaine. Still, who had the worst? Klaine, which was and IS the most beloved couple of the show (if not of television).

Blaine cheats on Kurt. Blaine, who accused Kurt of cheating back in season 3 because of some text messages, cheats on Kurt with a random internet stranger, well that’s very Blaine. It is so Blaine that Darren Criss had the kindness and need to write a very heartfelt letter to his fans that was really beautiful and emotional, but at the same time sounded like an apology to us:Thank you Darren, thanks for taking time to write that letter and to let us know that YOU, at least, care about us.

Season 4 was interesting though because while Blaine’s screen time increased, Kurt’s slowly disappeared. I am still here asking to myself what has really been his story line in season 4 aside of being Rachel’s lap dog that she ALWAYS treats like shit, and more interesting, it’s ALWAYS Kurt who goes and apologizes to Rachel, for what, still is beyond me. And this is probably my real question to Ryan : What happened to Kurt? I remember you saying that he was created for Chris, because you wanted to tell both his and your story through Kurt. I remember Chris Colfer winning a Golden Globe thanks to his talent and the courage to pour some of his personal story in that character. I remember people starting to come out thanks to Kurt, people starting to fight their bullies, people starting to not hate life anymore, but loving it


Why isn’t he worth of his own story line apart being Rachel’s lap dog? One could say “But he got a job at Vogue and got into NYADA!” Yes, I know, but how much have we seen about all of that? 15 minutes at all? I haven’t seen Kurt struggling because of Mrs. July or someone else, nor have I seen Kurt doing something at Vogue.com! No, right, he did something, guess what? A video clip that was born to help Rachel to find her new style! Kurt should have even thanked Rachel!  I just want to know why! Why? Why did I have to see 2 auditions for Funny Girl and 0 auditions when it came to Kurt? I mean, if he got into NYADA he should be AT LEAST as talented as Rachel (he is more talented than her, but yeah, that’s my opinion!).

Meanwhile Blaine had his own story line, how fascinating! First he crushes on his straight best friend Sam (what a cliché AND bad replica of Kurt and Finn in season one!), after he’s assaulted by a girl while sleeping (Gross. Was this an attempt to a bad replica of Karofsky assaulting Kurt in season 2?). What else? Ha! “Against all odds”! 


Season 4 gave us ”Come what may” as well. I don’t know, should we thank you, Ryan, for allowing Darren and Chris to sing that song? Okay, thank you! But my real THANK YOU goes to Chris and Darren, because, as always, they made up such an amazing, lovely, emotional moment that:1) that performance goes straight in the Top 5 performances of Glee 2) it was almost better than the original 3) like often happens, I almost felt like I was intruding a private moment between Kurt and Blaine.

Season 4 ends with a box behind Blaine. Wow! 

Season 5. What even season 5 has been? Ratings kept going down, every single week until the end! Even when the old members were back! 

"But season 5 has been full of Klaine!" If you say so! We’ve had a reunion, lovely reunion, followed by a proposal, what a proposal. I recall some journalist saying "who wouldn’t be proposed like that?" And really, who wouldn’t? Or even "Chris Colfer and Darren Criss continue to have such natural chemistry and rapport that watching Kurt and Blaine reconcile, even somewhat rushed, felt like coming home."

Thank you to the writer of that dialogue, but THANK YOU from Italy to LA to Darren and Chris for making that proposal look like they were really getting engaged! Like even the Warblers guys said, “it looked like watching two friends getting engaged!”.

What happens after the proposal? Well, Klaine are still in two different places, they don’t interact at all during “The Quarterback” even if Finn was Kurt’s stepbrother and almost Blaine’s brother-in-law. Neither of them got to sing a song, so again, thank you Chris and Darren for the background moments that reminded us that Kurt and Blaine were hurting as much as the other people in that room! 

Separated again until the “Movin’ out” episode. Lovely talk between an engaged couple, not even a sneak peek at Blaine’s audition, interesting. 

Separated again until the 100th episode where they don’t even interact if not for those 30 seconds with April (that are not even funny, by the way!).

The graduation episode,  I am still trying to figure it out: you didn’t bother to show us a little Klaine moment when Blaine opens his NYADA letter, but showed us a very good make out scene .Thanks for that by the way, but you know that it made zero sense, right? So Klaine major interaction IN CANON  was a quick hug, not even an “OMG we’re going to live together in a few!” Well… at least they made out.

Finally, FINALLY! Klaine reunites in episode 14… uhm yeah…until the end of the episode. I admit that the part of the season that started with 5x14 was a little bit more interesting, but really Ryan, really whole writers room, THAT was the best you could do? Are you really the same people who used to write season 2? Some dialogues between Kurt and Blaine were almost ridiculous, the plots even worse, but again, Chris and Darren gave us their best and even when the lines were stupid, they took our breath away and let us wondering why we were feeling ashamed to watch such an intimate moment, so guys,THANK YOU AGAIN! Thank you because your souls could be seen through your characters, thank you because you two did create such an amazing thing every single time you were asked for and even if you weren’t! Thank you for loving those two characters as much as we love them! 

Episode 15, “Bash”. This was supposed to be an episode about Kurt, guess what? It’s about Rachel! About how she is so a star that doesn’t need school anymore and about Samcedes, like, where are they even coming from? Middle season 3? Again, Klaine don’t even get a scene to talk about what happened. Ryan, you let us know that Blaine was beaten up at the  Sadie Hawkins dance  in high school and you waste the opportunity to let us know something more about it, how smart of you! Again, THANK YOU boys for the background moments and those few minutes (or seconds) they gave to you and you gave to us. They were almost more interesting than at least half of the whole episode.

I quite enjoyed the “Tested” episode. QUITE! There were some non sense there, you know it, right? For example: "I think we talk too much" followed by ”next time you have to talk to me”. Does Kurt need to take some pills for his memory? The same goes for Blaine though: "I think I should move out" followed by "you asked me to move out". They could use some medical help considered that they ALWAYS forget what they said before! It was interesting to see Blaine’s insecurity, again, thank you Darren,  but  at the same time I hate you Darren, because you made me a mess with that little tear at the end of the loft scene. What was Kurt’s role in that situation apart of saying for the first time “I’m always gonna love you” to Blaine? Don’t know. Still, thank you writers for the combat class because Chris shirtless was more than nice to see. 

I don’t remember what episode 17 was about, oh right! Rachel! Opening night. Of course half McKinley was there. I loved Tina, she spoke the truth even if everyone shut her. What about Klaine in that episode? The gay bar segment. Interesting.  Fascinating.  With other people’s hands all over them. I would like to know if Darren and Chris enjoyed that scene or felt uncomfortable. 
Episode 18 was depressing. The only thing I liked was the “Story of my life” cover. But what you did to Klaine, whole room writers, was almost embarrassing.  First, how Kurt is treated by June while he’s singing is depressing,  she doesn’t even take his hand. Second, why on earth did you feel the need to give to Blaine a story line based on Kurt’s failure. Like, leave him singing in a room and June hears him or something, why on earth did you need to make Kurt look ridiculous and let him fail against his fiancé? And let’s not forget to have Kurt saving Rachel’s ass AGAIN instead of thinking about himself for one time. God forbid if Kurt has 5 minutes on screen for himself!  And if that wasn’t enough,  let’s even have Blaine lying to him!

RYAN I’m talking to you, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH KURT? (or should I start to say Chris?) 

Oh My God!!!! Episode 19 was almost all about Kurt! How is it even possible? Easy: Chris Colfer wrote the episode! We’re at the point that the only way for Kurt to have a proper, “selfish” story line is to let Chris write the episode. SHOULD I THANK YOU FOR LETTING HIM ENTER YOUR MAGIC ROOM? Well, thank you. But mostly, thank God because Chris didn’t become a non- sensical man after being there. and THANK YOU CHRIS!!!! Thank you for every single word said in that episode, thank you for letting us know what Kurt loves, thank you for reminding us that Kurt misses his mother every single day, thank you for reminding us and Rachel mostly, that Kurt is as human as she is.

Question, Ryan: WHY DON ‘T YOU LEAVE THE WHOLE SEASON 6 TO CHRIS? At least we could see some character developement, some closure, you know, things you would see in a final season of what once was a HIT SHOW.

Episode 20 was interesting. I even liked the little drama in the piano room with the slamming brown bag. The pigeon scene will remain in the history of televison. What a beautiful, beautiful moment, how many beautiful words Kurt said! "I choose to trust and to love you through everything." Even better when they were at the showcase: ”He’s the love of my life and nothing and no one is gonna come between us.”

And bonus of the episode, Klaine move back in together! YAY! All the Klainers AROUND THE WORLD (because they have impacted all the WORLD!) were partying for at least 4 weeks. Yeah because around the 5th week people started talking about season 6 already.

Now, the interesting about season 6 is that first, we discovered that it was shortened when Ryan once said that he wanted to add to it the two episodes missing on season 5 for a total of 24 episodes. Now they’ re 13. After, he said that there would have been a significant time jump to have the chance to see how all of the originals endend. Klainers started being skeptic because hello, wedding! It wasn’t this fascinating to see the weeding as a flash back, but yeah, as long as there are the weeding, we could have managed the flash back thing. After this, it was back in Lima because the show needed to go back to what it was when it started  and arts in school and blah blah blah, but the NY side would have been alive anyway, even if less important. Okay, let’s go back to Lima! As long as there’s Klaine. They moved in together, maybe they will stay in NY. As long as we have our wedding, we can manage with them not being the main characters of the show. They never were, anyway! Not enough, right Ryan? Everyone will be back in Lima, everyone will leave their college, job, whatever and will go to Lima to be… to be what Ryan? Losers again? Just because Rachel failed everyone needs to fail as well, right? Right. Okay, let them fail. As long as Klaine fail together. Not enough! Absolutely not! Klaine break up! AGAIN! Goal  achieved, right Ryan? Why do they break up? Because Kurt calls off the engagement. Man, did you and your whole writers room forget what the heck did you let him say in the last episode of season 5? "He’s the love of my life and NOTHING and NO ONE is gonna come between us." Really writers? Does Kurt have some brain injury, does he need some medicaments for the memory, what is all of that, how is it possible that those two characters always forget what they said?  And what is it with Blaine failing at NYADA? We’re talking about Blaine Anderson, the boy that while going through a break up joined 13 clubs, tried to help Finn to lead the New Directions, went back to Dalton to claim their trophy back and decided to stay at McKinley even if the only reason why he went there in the first place wasn’t there anymore, Blaine is the one that was third for Valedictorian and the one who got special permission from the NYADA director to join sophomore lessons! For God sake, how is it possible that you forgot all of this? All of you!!!

And because of the break up Blaine goes back to Ohio because there’s this beautiful family of his back there that is waiting for him with open arms. Oh…we don’t know a single thing about his family if not that his father wanted him to be straight while fixing a car. How fascinating.

So Kurt will stay in NY alone, maybe finally we’ll see a little of character development. Nope. Kurt will go back in Lima because he wants to win Blaine back. As if! As if Kurt needs to win Blaine BACK. When Blaine didn’t belong to Kurt? Not even in the “Never been Kissed” episode. They belonged to each other back then yet, and they “will always belong to each other, even if they need alone time” just like Kurt said. 

But yeah, Klaine are endgame. We’ll tune in as soon as they get back together, we can’t deal with another break up, even if Kurt fighting for Blaine could be interesting, it is still too painful. Season 4 was enough. A WHOLE SEASON OF THEM BROKEN UP WAS ENOUGH. Well, at least let’s hope this break up lasts for a couple of episodes and after we’ll get the wedding. Nooooope! Blaine has a new boyfriend! WHAT?  We know who he is! He’s had a past with Blaine! OH GOD! IS SEBASTIAN BACK? DOES ELI HAVE A FACE NOW? Noooo, it’s Karofsky! YEAH, THIS WAS A GOOD JOKE! HAHA KAROFSKY! THE BULLY WHO THREATENED KURT TO KILL HIM, THE ONE BLAINE CONFRONTED TWICE TO PROTECT KURT. HAHA COME ON! REMEMBER BLAINE SAYING “I LOVED TO PROTECT YOU FROM KAROFSKY” DURING “TESTED”? HAHA, KAROFSKY WHO STALKED KURT FOR A WEEK AND DARED TO ASK HIM OUT WELL KNOWING THAT KURT WAS INDEED DATING BLAINE FROM ALMOST A YEAR. THIS IS A JOKE, THOSE ARE FOILERS. MAX WILL BE BACK BUT HE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM.

Nope. Looks like Karofsky is going to be Blaine’s love interest because he needs to shake up his life after the break up. Kurt will be Rachel’s lap dog again, no development for him, probably his only mission will be winning Blaine back against Karofsky. Blaine will be the Warblers director. Yeah, they didn’t have one, but what is continuity! Of course at some point he will fail because Rachel leads the New New New Directions and she has to win, always. So Kurt and Blaine will totally go back to the start: being two losers for different reasons and Kurt loving Blaine from the distance until Blaine opens his eyes.


What is it with you and Klaine, Ryan? That is the main couple on the show and is what keeps the ratings  high enough to let the show still air.

What is it with torturing Kurt and Blaine so much? WHY? What did they do to you?


If the show gets canceled you will blame us, and you will say that it’s our fault if we didn’t have the wedding. They were planned.

If the show doesn’t get canceled, you will not give to us the wedding, probably you would not even give to us Klaine endgame. All of this why? None knows it.

Do you maybe have any problem with Chris and Darren?

Was Chris’ hacker almost right when they wrote that you fired Chris?

Why did your Glee social networks team promote Klaine during the whole summer?

What do you gain releasing all of these spoilers 5 months before the first episode airs?

I’ll tell you, you gain the most pissed off fandom of all the times. There will probably be 10 people left to watch Glee when the first episode will air, and those people will be you and your whole writers room. Not even the actors will watch it. I don’t think anyone of them is happy with their story line. So yeah, if that was your mission, to piss off a fandom and to risk to get your own show canceled:


For the last time, THANK YOU DARREN AND CHRIS, because you’re being totally silent about all of this. Thank you for not promoting anything of all that. I surely hope you’ll keep doing it.



someone who used to be a fan.

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I want an explanation why this is happening, just tell me why 

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do you ever wonder what people who aren’t in your fandom think of your otp like ”oh the gay werewolf and hyperactive freckled kid are back on my dash again. I hope they’re doing well.”





I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.



Darren Criss | Celebrity Name Game


Darren Criss | Celebrity Name Game

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Dylan O’Brien attends the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht during Comic-Con International 2014 #TVGMYacht on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California.

Dylan O’Brien attends the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht during Comic-Con International 2014 #TVGMYacht on July 24, 2014 in San Diego, California.

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"Hi, Blaine!"
"Hi! Hi, hi, hi, Chris.”


"Hi, Blaine!"

"Hi! Hi, hi, hi, Chris.”


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Everybody needs this on their blog

I learned a lot because of Tyra Banks. 

so important.


American Horror Story: Glee

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Of course Brittana are engaged while Klaine are breaking up.

Remember when Brittana were in the cover of EW and got an article?

Remember when Naya and Heather were nominated for a People Choice Award and a Young Hollywood Award for "Best On Screen Chemistry"?

Remember when The New York post called Klaine “one of the most beloved TV couples of the millenium”?


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I can’t just turn this on. I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

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